VPS Service Agreement

By availing the Ainpex Solutions Corporation’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) Service for Forex Trading, you agree with the following terms:

  1. You have read, understand, and agree to comply with the Ainpex Solutions Corporation’s Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  2. You agree to pay the full amount due for the VPS Service Plan you have chosen during creation of VPS account with us.

  3. Phishing content/adult contents, sending mass/spam/phishing emails, scanning ports/IP/SSH/RDP, brute force attack, DDOS attack, DOS attack, abuse IO usage (read/write disk) are prohibited.

  4. Ainpex Solutions Corporation reserves the right to instantly remove, terminate, and destroy your VPS account and your payment will be automatically forfeited when you violate any or all of the terms declared here in VPS Service Agreement.

  5. You are solely responsible to acquire, install, and configure the software you want to be in the VPS you availed with the Ainpex Solutions Corporation.

  6. Your account will be automatically suspended once your subscription was expired and no validated payment received from you for extension of the service.

  7. You agreed to received emails from Ainpex Solutions Corporation related to the status of your VPS account from time-to-time and you are required to response when necessary.

  8. You are not allowed to use our VPS service for hosting of your website, application, and/or email.